When psychotherapy, we learn how to cope with

 When thinking about a common problem that couples face while being in a relationship, it is hard to choose and focus on just one. Every relationship is different, and people coming from different backgrounds will have to deal with problems distinctive from others. To the most common ones belong trust issues, constant fights, and foremost infidelity. What is more, it may lead us to believe, that there is one core problem that always needs to be resolved at the begging to create a healthy environment, and a relationship- communication.        Psychotherapy is a dialogue way to help people with their problems, both mental and emotional ones. In psychotherapy, we learn how to cope with daily-life situations. In distinction, we have couples therapy, that focuses solely on intimate relationships.        Starting from the fact, that one of the most common causes to start counseling is infidelity, it can help us to arrive at a conclusion that it is truly the communication in the relationship that failed. When one cheats, the relationship may seem to be in tatters. There is lack of any meaningful conversation and the couple can no longer lead a normal life, they focus solely on the issue at hand. They start to get distant, don’t spend time together and do not share any experiences. Communication problem in such case may also lead to passivity, negligence and at the end to writing the relationship off. Additionally, it may happen, that infidelity will affect one of the partners well-being. It may result in anxiety or even depression. Even though is believed, that infidelity is one of the most common and most problematic issues to solve, with help comes psychotherapy. The main goal of the sessions is to bring the couple closer to each other and to solve the unresolved issues. During such meetings, the couple at first has to find the source of the dispute and to come to conclusions. With time, every person changes, and especially in relationships it is vital to remember that. Later on it may come to a situation when we have to reevaluate who we have become and figure out if the other half still accepts that. That is why, the key point of couples psychotherapy is also building the trust that was lost. In many cases it may mean, once again, going through the issues they would prefer to forget, or that they have already dealt with. However, in order to help, it is vital to understand the core problem. At the same time, restoring the communication can help many couples to fall in love once again and to strengthen their commitment. The situation looks different when it comes to married couples with children. It is crucial to restore the lost communication and trust between them, in order not to lose what they have built their entire lives. Counting that there is also their children’s well-being at stake, in many cases, they realize what they have to lose and they are even more committed to the therapy.        To sum up, as it has been tested, many couples benefit from psychotherapy when it comes to resolving issues they are not able to on their own. Communication, being the core issue, can be restored and strengthened, and psychotherapy is a useful tool for that.