Whether growth in your career or you are

Whether you aim at a shift or a growth in your career or you are
aiming at a enviable hike, earning the much coveted Cisco certification can
always be an option for you. Cisco certifications are
highly acclaimed worldwide. Apart from having huge acceptance in the IT
industry, it also ushers in many career opportunities for professionals who
earn the certificates. Thus, Earning a Cisco certification is nothing less than
a dream for IT professionals. Through this article we would try to understand
the benefits that a Cisco certification has, how the industry perceives of the
certification and how employees and employers benefit from the certification


Cisco offers both general Cisco and specialized certifications,
and both require the candidates to clear the exams. The general certifications
have been categorized under four different levels of expertise that are
presented through seven different paths, including routing and switching,
design, security, and storage networking. Out of the most popular
certifications in the IT industry, CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE are the ones that are
highly sought after. As a Cisco certified professional, employers would be
ready to recruit you on grounds of your expertise concerning networking
fundamentals and concepts. Talking more  from the employers’ perspective ,  recruiters have accepted that IT professionals
with the Cisco certifications have shown exceedingly higher speed in completing
network – related projects when compared to the others .They also have a better
grasp over their peers when it comes to deriving solutions related to technical
issues. The certified employees have been more proficient in terms of
completing projects with a much higher success rate. The company as whole too
had benefitted by recruiting Cisco certified employees at it has helped them
reduce their network support costs, brought down their network downtime, increased
their capability of withstanding project load and the combined efforts have
increased customer satisfaction manifold. This directly proves that given a
choice an employer would be more gullible to an employee with a Cisco
certification vis –a – vi the one without the same.

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Now, that we have understood the demand and eligibility that the
certification increases amongst employers , let us now look into aspects that
talk about the factors that it contributes towards the growth of an employee.


The Cisco Qualified Specialist program offers an unsurpassable
method for technical professionals to improve their foundational networking
knowledge. Specialist certifications helps people to attain knowledge and build
upon things like networking which leads to Cisco Certified Voice Professional
(CCVP) or Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP), and then CCIE.As a
matter of fact when compared with other certification programs the Cisco
certifications win hands down when we talk about factors such as ROI and higher
business growth , no wonder why companies eye on certified candidates , at the
end of the day which business does not want to grow and invest in better human
capital? The plus point that the certified employees enjoy is that they have a
better understanding of a range of specialties. The focused certifications
target at helping the companies with higher productivity, cost reduction and by
having a superior prowess in optimum utilization of the available limited
resources. The certification programs keeping in mind the growing needs of the
industry , is based on advanced technologies which address segments like the – content
networking, IP telephony, optical, storage, wireless and certain security
disciplines. The candidates are perfectly exposed to the knowledge and skill
that is needed to handle such technologies. With the validity of two years
Cisco aims that the certified employees are always abreast with the growing and
ever changing and evolving needs of the industry. This ensures that there is no
sense of complacency. With all the positives it is needless to mention that
salary boost is a natural resultant of the Cisco certifications.


Cisco also offers some certifications especially for the channel
partners and resellers too. An example of a Cisco Qualified
Specialist certification designed for the partners and resellers is the Cisco
VPN Security Sales Specialist. On achieving the certification candidates
demonstrate a greater understanding and better knowledge the Cisco secure
blueprint for enterprise networks (SAFE), and are at a more comfortable position
when it comes to selling Cisco Virtual Private Network and Security solutions. They
also get well versed with the features and specialized functions like the Cisco
identity, security perimeter, security management and intrusion protection
products and solutions. The candidates who attain the
certifications are not only tested on their knowledge but also on practical
aspects like the current industry trends and a complete understanding of the
metrics and key drivers concerning the business. This ensures that the
candidates have a holistic understanding and differentiate themselves from the
rest. The channel strategy offered by Cisco enables the candidates to get an
experience in selling and deploying Cisco technologies worldwide.

Candidates get to choose from a variety of programs to hone and
sharpen their skill sets for the advanced technologies. One can go through the
details about the global network of Cisco Learning Partners and the Cisco
Partner E-Learning Connection, visit www.cisco.com/go/certifications.  This would give the interested candidates a
clarity regarding the subject and the processes involved to attain the
prestigious certification.

Now that the reasons for
earning the certification are crystal clear, the next step would be the
commitment. The journey would require some serious determination along with
investment in terms of money and time both. To earn the certifications and to
become part of the elite pool of techies it is imperative that one needs to put
in a great deal of hard work , as the courses aim in preparing you in a way
that you are adept with the advanced technologies of the world. But with the
due course of time and with the great exodus in terms of job offers and pay
hike, I am sure the time invested would become the greatest 


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