Why is society a social construct


Social construct is concerned with the manner in which people learn knowledge and beliefs through socialization. As people interact, they learn conceptions and expectations which are associated with their gender. These concepts and expectations usually extend to all aspects of social life and society. People develop new political attitudes, feelings and perceptions about others as a result of socialization. The following is a culture and socialization essay that explains why society exists as a social construct.

Why is society a social construct?

Society exists as a social construct due to factors like gender, race matters, class and education among others. With regards to gender, every society classifies its members into ‘women’ and ‘men’.

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These classifications determine the roles played by each gender. The psychological and social characteristics that are associated with being a male or a female play a major role of shaping the people’s expectations. It determines the manner in which people interact with each other. Gender also affects people’s interests and abilities in the society.

Gender identity shapes norms and expectations because it determines the behaviors of societal members. For instance, boys are known to use threats and commands in all-male groups as compared to a situation where both men and women exist. Also, men are known to be more rebellious as compared to girls. Women on the other hand, tend to be more submissive than men. The agents of gender socialization include family interactions, schooling and mass media among others (Schaefer & Richard, 2008, P. 178).

People’s lives are affected by their class in the society whether they are aware or not aware about it. How one is seen by others, whether rich or poor have an effect on his or her life. Members of the society with a dominant class usually lead a unique lifestyle that marks their status in the society.

Some of the concrete signs of status in society include; titles, clothing and access to special facilities like clubs e.t.c. Members of the society with a special class have the ability to display their cultural lifestyle enabling them to achieve social recognition (Schaefer, & Richard, 2008, P. 178).

Race, as a social construct, has an effect on people’s daily lives because it determines the way in which people view themselves and others. The dominant group in the society is usually considered as superior, while the minority group is usually considered to be inferior. People usually determine one’s race by the color of his or her skin (Schaefer, & Richard, 2008, P. 178).

With regards to religion, every religion has moral laws which are aimed at harmonizing the society. Religion contributes to proper functioning of the society by unifying people. It draws a line between one’s inspirations and the society’s demands. Religion thus is a phenomenon that is produced in daily interaction and has an effect on people’s lives (Schaefer, & Richard, 2008, P. 178).

Society exists as a social construct due to educational status of members. Education usually controls and shapes people’s way of thinking. It enables people to gain knowledge, skills and values (Schaefer, & Richard, 2008, P. 178).


Society is a social construct due to the fact that people’s actions and behaviors are shaped by: gender, religion, race matters, class and educational status. Members of the society cannot do exactly what they like because they have certain roles and expectations. Personality traits are developed during social interaction, meaning one’s interests and preferences are produced socially.

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