Wind Turbines

Name of company: Vestas Wind Systens

The company headquarters is in Denmark, and as a result of enormous growth of the company since its founding in 1945, it has set up manufacturing plants in several countries including Germany, United kingdom, India and US. When the company initially started, it used to manufacture household electrical devices but drastically changed their manufacturing through years making agricultural appliances, intercoolers, hydraulic machines and turned their focus to wind turbines since 1989.

Fairly writes that, “For the last eight years, the company merged with NEG Micon, another Danish company specializing in making wind turbines.” The two companies put their efforts together to establish the worlds biggest manufacturing plant of turbines using the brand, Vestas Wind Systems.

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The company recovered in the year 2006 after a drop in sales the previous year making it be ranked the number one top green company in 2006. Towards the end of 2008, the company embarked on expansion plans in their plants in Colorado and Oregon. While the company is aggressively looking for new markets, it has been closing some of the plants in regions that their demand is low.

Fairly (43), states that, “Some of the closed manufacturing plants include the one in Scandinavia and Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom.” Todate, over forty thousand wind turbines have been installed by vestas worldwide with its workforce which is estimated at around twenty three thousand people globally. The new expansion targets include countries like China and US where its products are on high demand.

The company is gradually shifting production to China and US because of reduced demands in Europe. The companies goal when making their turbines is to provide customers with turbines of high quality, they don’t look at market share and prices when designing them. One of the products manufactured by Vesta is V112-3.0MW. It is designed in a manner that it can adapt to areas with low and medium wind.

The company projects that such areas will be shift to wind power in future. This device has the ability to produce more electric power than other turbines in that category of 3MW. This turbine is reliable, easy to service and offers greater efficiency than other turbines in the same class.

According to the company website, “Another product designed for areas with light winds is Vestas V90-2MW.” This one is mainly designed for European countries because of its light weather conditions. Another product from Vestas is Vestas V90-3MWwhich is used all over the world to generate electricity. The distinctive feature of this product is that is uses pitch control.

V90-3MW V47-660kW

Vestas company spends a substantial amount of its revenue in research and development. Recent statistics indicate that it spend in excess of one hundred and thirty million in the year 2009 in research. Some of its recent research findings is unveiling a stealth wind turbine in collaboration with QinetiQ which can offer solutions of radar reflection to the aviation industry. According to financial statements of 2010, the company is doing well as it collected profits in excess of 156 million Euros (Reddal, 77).

Name: Sinovel Wind Group Company

The company is the largest manufacturer of turbines in China, and its headquarters is in China. Globally, it is ranked number three in production of wind turbines. The company targets to be the leader of turbine production by the year 2015 with major target market being foreign countries. Sinovel employs approximately 200 employees and has a capacity to produce eight hundred units per year presently. Its manufacturing plant is in Dahlia, China though it intends to open other plants in China and other countries.

Sinovel aims at making wind turbines that are adaptable to all types of weather and environmental conditions around the world. The company has been growing steadily since its inception and has managed to make big milestones in production of electricity using wind turbines.

In the year 2008, the turbine installations of Sinovel produced almost 1500MW of electricity making it the leader of Chinese green energy production and seventh in the world. By the year 2010, it had more installations done in China and other parts of the world with total estimation of power generation being put at around 4400MW, thereby leading the Chinese market and becoming the world’s number two.

Sinovel has a mission that is based on its historical formation which is to localize production of important electrical equipments and the focus to provide green energy to the whole population of China and the world. Its long term strategy is to provide innovative products, in large scale to meet international demands.

Sinovel has been a leader of the Chinese market in producing innovative turbine equipments in the sense that; it is the first to introduce an advanced wind turbine in the world, it was the first to make and supply the turbine equipments locally, it was the leader in developing 1.5Megawatt turbines that can suit all conditions of weather in the world and many other achievements.

The company is majorly involved in manufacturing products for commercial and industrial use. On the list of several products manufactured by Sinovel is SL600 turbine. According to the company website, “This turbine was developed independently by Sinovel group with its own intellectual rights.” It designed in a manner that it uses modern technological generators with Sinovel’s expertise.

Acher writes that, “SL5000 is a type of wind turbines that they make which utilizes variable pitch and double power generation technology.” SL300 is another product that they have developed using their own expertise. Its average power rating is 3000kW with a rotor diameter that ranges from 90 to 113 meters. The advantage with this product is that it is adaptable to all weather conditions.


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