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Windows are an important part of your house and when it comes to regular cleaning you simply cannot overlook your windows. A nice and clean window tends to brighten up the entire look of your house. They are prone to a lot of dust and heat and water marks as they stand against the open nature. You will find that the internet is absolutely inundated with different kinds of tips and tricks for maintaining clean and shiny windows. Today we highlight some of the best ways to clean windows and remove stains off them.NewspapersNewspapers are considered one of the best methods that is designed to clean windows effectively. Once you are done reading your newspaper you can put it to good use before recycling it. This you can do by using it to clean your windows. If you scrunch newspaper into a ball shape and then use it to scrub windows then it works more effectively than any towel or a cloth. Wet your windows and get to work with a newspaper ball scrubbing gently. You can spray a window cleaning solution or just water on your window and rub in circular motions or up and down using newspaper for more effective results.VinegarVinegar is an age old technique of cleaning windows. It does miracles in giving a shiny look to your windows. So spray some amount of vinegar on your window and scrub it with a piece of clean cloth. A newspaper can do good work here. After a little bit of effort you will have shiny windows at your home that look as good as new.Soap and waterYou can make use of the good old soap and water solution technique to get rid of marks and stains on your windows.  Make a solution by mixing liquid soap with water and use it to clean your windows. This is one of the most opted method as it implies use of simple and easily available products at home.Cordless window cleanersWith technology stepping into our lives like never before we have something known as automatic window cleaners. These make your window cleaning task easy like never before and you can clean your windows like a pro. With a cordless window cleaner you will get streak free windows both from the inside as well as from the outside. Equipped with an electric suction system, cordless window cleaners not only make your cleaning effortless but also eliminate any kind of spillage and you will not need any extra cloth for your window cleaning.Clean using the squeegee methodA squeegee can work wonders in getting all kinds of stains removed from your windows and giving it a shiny look. This is an easy and most opted for method which saves much of your time and effort as well. All you need to do is pour some amount of liquid window cleaning solution to a bucket of water and you are ready to go about window washing all the windows of your home. You need to buy a good quality sponge so that it works effectively on the surface. Dip the squeegee in the bucket of water solution and squeeze out the excess amount of water and you are good to go.Start off by scrubbing the glass and make sure you work at all the angles so that the edges are also taken care of. With this method you will get immediate results. Make gentle strokes and once you are done cleaning with the water solution finish off by a final rinse of plain water. This will leave a shiny surface on your window that looks absolutely spick and span.How to clean difficult stains from the windowSometimes you may find specks of paint or label marks on your windows. There may also be marks of bird dropping that look absolutely heinous. To remove such kinds of difficult stains you need to work smartly or else you will end up scratching the glass pane of the window. To clean such marks you need to begin by wetting the window first. Then you can use a nylon scrub pad to remove debris of bird droppings or pain or anything else. Ammonia can be used for window cleaning if you are dealing with tough stains. Add half a cup of ammonia to one gallon of water and you have a ready to use DIY window cleaning solution to clean even the toughest stains off windows.How to remove hard water stains from windowsHard water stains are often found on windows and they are very difficult to clean also. You need first identify the cause of such stains as this will help you identify the right products that you would use in eradicating those marks. Here we give you some ways to clean hard water marks from window surfaces:Water and vinegarMake a solution by mixing 2/3 of vinegar and 1/3 of water. Put it in a spray bottle and spray it all over the window. Let the solution soak for about 15 minutes and then wipe it off with a dry piece of cloth. In case the stain is not removed completely then you should repeat the process.Oven cleanerThis is an intelligent trick that you would be surprised to know. Just like an oven cleaner can clean stubborn baked food stains from ovens it can also be used to clean windows with hard water stains on them. What you need to do is spray oven cleaner on a clean piece of cotton cloth and then rinse the cloth in warm water. Make sure you do not spray the solution directly on the window. Also work while wearing rubber gloves and do not work with solution using naked hands. Oven cleaners can remove almost all kinds of stains.sSo, with our super techniques for window cleaning you can now clean your windows like a pro. Regular cleaning of window is suggested in order to avoid build up of dirt and stains that may require a lot of time and effort cleaning later on.