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Within the practice of globalization, which brings together different parts ofworld effectively, Big cities, particularly in developing nations are increasingly becoming more and more significant focal points for investments. Huge cities are providing social and technical infrastructure for multinational firms for implementing the companies’ complicated roles in the more dispersed world market. The rising importance of cities affects the connection between cities and their country states. Taylor underlines this perspective by concluding that under conditions of globalization the most essential chances for big cities might not lie within their own state’s territory , but in the global market.Quick development and territorial growth are  the major attributes of big cities. Impacts of rapid growth, city size and complexity appear to be connected, since the size and speed of expansion is anticipated to have a significant impact on urban direction. Continious growth raises the complexity of the system that must be tackeled. The high number of actors, measurements and concerns contribute to quite an intricate coordination attempt to achieve an efficient outcome for the mega-city. Second, territorial growth above the jurisdictional boundaries is normal for fast expanding huge agglomerations. Frequently, nearly all the people doesn’t reside at the center administrative area of the mega-city. In these enormous agglomerations it’s particularly hard to regulate the entire agglomeration and also to incorporate the people. Ultimately, problems of equity are somewhat more complex in massive cities as these cities experience higher procedures of social divergence because of national and international investment. The outcome of chances are that on one hand that a pool of skilled labour and accessibility to new technology and world makers exist, even while on another high levels of unemployment, informality and societal, economical and spatial segregation are available. Sassen such as identifies a developing social gap involving the unskilled low wage work force or jobless folks in big cities and the wages of top specialists.


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