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Different subjects are taught in different courses at different levels. Some of the subjects are definitely better than others depending on personal interests or the method and mode of presentation of the subject. Sometimes someone may be faced with a chance of choosing between two or more options of subjects or class. Sex and science are some of the most widely taught subjects in all levels of study. Given a week of study in either sex education class or science class, would you prefer the sex education class as opposed to the science one? This paper justifies why sex education class is far much worthwhile as compared to science class.

Sex education class are better

Have you ever imagined a world without moral integrity, where everyone does what he or she wants in terms of sexual immorality? The whole world would be full of sick people and everyone would be suffering from either one or another sexually transmitted diseases. The population would increase at an alarming rate, young girls will drop out of school before they even become scientists, and the worst of them all how many people do you think will die of HIV and AIDS? Would there be any importance of science in a totally rotten society? You will definitely agree with me that a minute spend in a sex education class is by far more valuable than years spend in a science class.

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1st Argument

Given one week I would prefer the sex education class due to all the benefits that are to be gained within such a short time. Sex education classes are rare as compared to science classes that are common in all levels of study starting from elementary level all the way to university level. This makes the sex education class very important and therefore it is very advisable for someone to take the golden opportunity and attend the sex education class. It is also possible to argue that science is always present in our day to day learning with most of the subjects taught in schools having some percentage of science in them and as such it would be a total waste of precious time attending such classes only to be taught things that we already know or are currently learning in other subjects. You agree with me that sex education class is most preferred (Jones 1).

2nd Argument

Sex education is absolutely important in that it empowers people with information about sexuality, relationships puberty, adolescence, and intimacy. It also gives lifetime skills that enable the young to make wise decisions and choices in regard to life issues. As they say information is power and as such this education will enable one to deal with issues to do with sex abuse and harassment, exploitation, early marriages and unplanned pregnancies. Everyone definitely needs this kind of information if he/she is to achieve their dreams and aspirations in life. It is hard and very difficult to attend a science class when suffering from sexually transmitted infection (Avert 1).

3rd Argument

It is evident that most of the issues affecting the society today arise from lack of sex education and empowerment of the community. A report by UNESCO claims that “at least 111 million new cases of curable STIs occur each year among young people aged 10 to24” (UNESCO 13).The same report also claims that “2.5 million girls aged 15 to 19 years old in developing countries have abortions and Eleven per cent of births worldwide are adolescent mothers” (UNESCO 13). All these staggering and worrying figures are more than enough to convince anyone on the importance of timely sexual education class.

4th Argument

Our parents have a duty and obligation to raise well modeled and morally upright successful individuals who will take the society to the next level. It is amazing that there is such a high number of people in the society that totally believe that sexual education classes should be a requirement in schools due to their importance. A recent study focusing on the issue of sexual education classes in the state of California claims that “89 percent of Californians believe their local school districts should require sex education in both middle and high schools” (PCF 7) the same report also claims that “86 percent of evangelicals in California prefer sex education programs that also teach children about obtaining and using contraceptives” (PCF 7). These statistics only represent a fraction of the whole global community that has seen the importance of sexual education class and which you and I support.

5th Argument

The modern society has proved beyond any reasonable doubts that the world cannot survive without sex education classes. This follows from the recent occurrences of shameful sex scandals and related offences from some of the most influential personalities such as Tiger Woods, the late Michael Jackson among others.

These cases could otherwise have been prevented by attending the important sex education classes. It may be true that science class would be good but what use will they be if the society is full of learned but immoral people. Sex education class would be far much better.


Come to think of it. How much is one likely to gain from a science class given such a short time? The truth of the matter is, very little. Science is such a wide subject covering almost all aspects of life. Offering science class for a week is like dropping a coin in the ocean.

There would be no any meaningful impact in the lives of the attending students. Compare this with a week in the sex education class. Student will learn so much about different issues concerning sexuality in the short given time. A single lesson learned in a sex education class will remain relevant for a life time. I am definitely sure that you would prefer the sex education class (McKeon 1).

Science class might be important but only for the few students that may have future interests in pursuing careers in science based disciplines. The class would be totally useless to other students who have or may decide to take other social and humanity related disciplines.

However, it is important to note that sex education class will benefit all the students that will attend and will equip them with knowledge and important information that will help them now and in the days to come. Sex education class is thus like a building block of life by which one cannot live without.


Sometimes in life we have to make choices. It has been discussed and proved beyond any reasonable doubts that a week in sex education class is by far much better than a week in a science class. Student are likely to gain valuable life time skills in sex education class as compared to a science class where one is not likely to gain any meaningful knowledge within such a short time. You will therefore agree with me that a moment in a sex education class is far much worthwhile than a week in a science class.

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